Photo Gallery

Week 9

We are working on improving our robot and are organizing the wiring to make it more easily accessible and out of the way.

Week 8

We have discovered an issue with the robot design and are working towards implementing a more efficient design.

Week 7

We worked towards wiring the robot and perfecting the various systems. We also began updating our code for the new season.

Week 6

We are working towards having the robot ready for a scrimmage this Saturday. We worked on assembling the extending mechanism.

Week 5

The major robot elements have been ordered and we are ramping up our robot construction. We have settled on a pulley robot design. The CAD team is working alongside the build team to keep our CAD model up to date

Week 4

We are working to tear down the old robot and are beginning to construct the chassis of the new robot. We also replaced the flimsy PVC pipes in the game element with ones made of metal.

Week 3

We continued working on the robot CAD design. Our team also received the new Limelight and we spend much of this week learning how to utilize it.

Week 2

We are continuing working on game elements and finalizing the robot design and creating it in CAD.

Week 1

We began brainstorming the game and various ideas for the season. We began cutting wood for some game elements.